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We use a portion of our revenue to fund our Workforce IT training program, our non-profit arm.

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Quid Pro Quo 

A portion of our fees fund our free tech workforce training program for underserved youth. Our partners give back and help create a more equitable tech workforce. The IRS considers your participation a quid pro quo donation or contribution to our non-profit. 

IRS Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC)

The WOTC is a tax credit that can be used to offset the costs of hiring employees from certain targeted groups, including young adults from disadvantaged, disenfranchised, and marginalized communities.


Our learners and candidates are residents in HUBZone-certified areas. You can take advantage of tax incentives, including a tax credit for hiring employees who live in a HUBZone area and accelerate depreciation on certain property.

Internship Program

We provide IT students with the opportunity to apply theoretical concepts and classroom learning to real-world work situations.


We match experienced IT professionals with our less experienced students so they receive valuable insights and feedback on career-related issues.

Job Shadowing

We provide students with a deeper understanding of the job and the skills required to perform expertly. They also gain an understanding of company culture, job expectations, and different aspects of the industry.

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We provide staffing solutions to organizations seeking to hire professionals in the technology industry.


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